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This is the first in a series of articles I'll post each month on simple and easy cleaning techniques you can do at home to improve the value of your car.

Coffee.  Most of us need it's help to get though the day!  As beneficial as coffee can be, it can be a nightmare to your interior.  Coffee stains are the number one stain that I see.  So, how can you clean coffee out of fabric?  This method works for seats as well as carpet.  

First you need to make sure you have a few supplies: A bucket, access to hot water, a scrub brush, a rag/sponge, dish soap, and a wet/dry vacuum.  Take your bucket and put in an ounce of dish soap (brand doesn't matter as long as it cuts grease).  Next add a liter of hot water to the bucket.  The water should be VERY hot.  Keep in mind that you'll be putting your hand in the water, so you may want to wear dish gloves if you are sensitive to heat.  Next, mix the water and soap solution.  Take the bucket to the stained area and take your rag/sponge and dip it into the soap solution.  Once it is saturated, take the rag/sponge and gently rub the stained area.  Once the stained area is wet, take your brush and VERY gently brush the stain.  Ensure to use light pressure while scrubbing as to not damage the fabric or carpet of your car.   When the stain is gone, take your wet/dry vacuum and vacuum up the residual stain/hot water solution.  

You should be left with a clean, fresh piece of fabric/carpet free of any chemicals.  The bonus for using hot water and dish soap for this type of stain is, aside from being chemical free, it leaves the area with a fresh scent!  

Stay tuned for next months blog: How to properly wax your car!